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Vacationing In The Philippines

Have you ever thought about international travel as part of your vacation? A vacation in the Philippines would really be something you would remember.
The Philippines is known for its beautiful beaches, and hospitable culture. However there are many more features that make visiting the Philippines a wonderful adventure. I would like to mention adding some of the neighboring Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore to your international travel plans would be a good idea if you can fit any of these destinations into your travel plans.
I currently reside in the United States and my wife is a native Filipina. We try to visit friends and family at least once a year, and will continue to do so for many years to come.  I mentioned beaches earlier, however there are many other attractions as well.
Check out my post Things to do In Manila Philippines where I talk about activities in Metro Manila, you may also want to review Consider Getting Vaccinated Before You Travel Overseas that tells you where you can go for recommended vaccinations when considering international travel.
I have made many visits to the Philippines over the years, which led me to research purchasing property there. The idea was to have a home away from home with the intent that we could one day retire there.  After much debate we decided to purchase a condominium in the Metro Manila area. Our decision was based on several factors: Location to the nearest airport, activities such as shopping and restaurants, and most of all security. We would love to share our adventure & experiences on this journey.

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