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In between our annual visits to the Philippines, we manage to visit many interesting places here in the states as well. Of our many visits to the Philippines, we have only experienced Metro Manila and Bulacan together. We always plan to visit the other islands while in vacation, but we just never seem to make it that far because Metro Manila has so much to offer. One place in particular is Tagaytay which is where the Taal Lake is located. It is a higher altitude and therefore much cooler than metro Manila. Oh, I forgot to mention the volcano that sits in the middle of the lake. From the pictures I have seen so far, its’ really a sight to see.

One of the many things we have in common is that we absolutely love to travel. I truly believe that everyone should experience international travel at some point in their lifetime.

Hey there, its Mitch and Si bringing you Easy Condo Rental. Our travel blog was inspired by our annual visits to the Philippines to visit friends and family. We have been traveling back and forth for more than 10 years, and we have had quite an adventure, as well as some pretty good learning experiences. Mitch is a native-born Filipino from the Bulacan province, and I am a United States citizen. Mitch and I met in 2008 while I was vacationing in the Philippines. We were a married one year later and have been living together in the USA ever since.
  • If you like to shop at the Mall – Got It
  • Enjoy Live Music & Night Life – Got It!
  • Experience Flavor Rich Foods – Got It!
  • Visit Historic Sites & Site See – Got It!
  • Meet Friendly & Hospitable People – Got It!
We plan to keep posting informative content on Easy Condo Rental to help anyone having an interest in international travel to the Philippines. There is plenty to do, and there’s plenty to see. All you have to do is be there.

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