Are You Looking for a Hotel in Manila?

looking for a hotel in Manila

Are you considering international travel for a holiday or business trip to the Philippines? If you are Looking for a Hotel in Manila please read on, because finding a comfortable hotel that will meet your needs may even be the ONE deciding factor whether or not you take this journey.

Welcome back to Easy Condo Rental. In this post we will discuss several things to consider when looking for a hotel in Manila or other areas in the Philippines.  Good accommodations that meet or exceed your expectations, is always a good a start to a wonderful travel experience. Anything less should be considered a dampener on any vacation. Choosing a hotel in the Philippines can be a daunting exercise for some due to the many factors you need to consider. Do your research, and it will greatly increase your chance at finding a desirable hotel stay that’s right for you.

What to Consider When Looking for a Hotel in Manila

1. Location & Accessibility

The hotels’ location is critical, and it should center on the purpose of your trip and your interests.  This will vary based on one’s desire and what you are looking to do while on your trip. Make sure the hotel is close to most, if not all of the places you plan to visit. Most hotels in Manila are easily accessible to transportation such as Taxi service or GRAB (see our post Is Uber in the Philippines to learn more about transportation options in Manila.

Now we all want a hotel that comes with wonderful amenities at a reasonable price, but none of that matters if the location is not aligned with your trips purpose. Is it really worth it when the hotel is located many miles away from the main places you want to visit. You also want to make sure your hotel has access to multiple transportation options such as taxi, Grab, etc.. Is there private parking for your visitors?
Manila is a very busy place and at times traffic can be a nightmare, so you will want to make sure that you are not spending most of your trip commuting from place to place. Why should you waste time & money on long commutes, when you can just select a hotel that’s a bit more centrally located to the destinations you plan to see.
Another thing to consider is the proximity of the hotel in relation to the airport. If your stay will be brief, you may even want to consider finding a hotel on Airport property. This will not only ensure you’ll have access to a variety of transportation options, but also lessen the chance for missing your return flight.

2. Noise-free Comfort

Who doesn’t prefer a hotel that provides peace and quiet when they need it most? Nothing is more annoying than staying at a hotel in the midst outside noise at a time when you need to relax.
It’s always wise to ask for your floor and where the room is located in proximity to the main street. Noise pollution is a common issue in Manila. Street noise should be a priority since your hotel room is where you’ll spend most of your time getting some R&R. It may also be a good idea to research other aspects of the room such as room-size, type of bed, air conditioning, and refrigerator as well as other typical amenities you may take for granted while in your home country. You should also check the online reviews of the hotel for customer service and cleanliness.

3. Affordability

Hotels that are pocket friendly and offer desirable services should be considered as you may be working within a budget. Keep in mind that old adage “You Get What You Pay For” so cheap is not always good. Paying a little higher rate for you hotel will ensure you get better value, and a certain level of customer service that is not always included in hotels offering a much lower rate.   A couple of sites you may want to start your research are and
With that said, you still need to do some research. Just because a hotel is expensive does not always provide a true reflection of what you are going to get. A hotel might be costly due to views, its location, amenities available, security, or even just the name. Whatever it is, you have to ensure it is worth it for you. Make sure your hotel of choice is based on your particular needs, and meets your minimum expectations. You might be looking for a resort complex that is offering lots of entertainment options, a quiet and peaceful spa, romantic rooms with phenomenal views, and so on. But the best thing for you to do is to work out what you want in your stay and get a hotel in Manila that meets your demands. The price of the hotel is usually related to the number of stars a hotel has, and it is an indicator of quality and service one is expecting. The more stars the hotel has, the higher the price charged to customers; therefore, you have to keep an eye on specific offers, cost savings, and discount packages offered.
It is okay to ask for complementary items, discounts, or special rates if any, your hotel of choice needs to suit you and your budget.

4. Online Reviews

As mentioned earlier, when Looking for a Hotel in Manila, hotel reviews are a must. You should review the most current and up to date reviews. Look at the good and bad reviews to ensure you choose wisely. Information that was written five years ago, will be less relevant then an accurate portrayal of the current hotels situation. Most likely, hotels that were amazing five years back might not be so amazing today, so pay close attention to recently written reviews.
Take into account terrible and poor reviews and complaints about the hotels. If most people are complaining about customer service, noise or cleanliness then there is a high probability this may be a trend. Keep in mind the date of the review, it could be at a time when the hotel was under different management.

5. Five Star Ratings

Another useful guide to use when looking for a hotel in Manila is its star rating. This will give you an idea of how other people have rated their experience with the Hotel. Go through some of the reviews to see why individuals provided good ratings as well as bad ratings. When a hotel has high ratings on a consistent basis, you can rest assured it will more than likely meet or exceed your expectations.

6. Additional Fees

It is not uncommon for a hotel in Manila to include additional fees that may not have been advertised online. It never hurts to inquire additional fees for amenities such as Internet, check-in time, mini-fridge, microwave, towels, access to a fitness area, pool. Although many of these things are just taken for granted in the USA, they are not always standard in the Philippines.

7. Onsite Services Offered

Looking at a hotel’s online reviews is another good way to give you an idea whether the hotel is suitable for you or not. Don’t just look at the hotel’s website, Check to see if the hotel in question is on other booking sites, and compare those reviews sites as well. Before you make your pick you may also want to check what on-site services are in place as well. These include if the hotel is offering fitness, laundry, or pool facilities. Does the hotel offer massage, or spa services?

8. Online Booking

Booking online is a very convenient option which can provide most of the research necessary to aid in your decision to book a hotel in Manila. It’s a good idea to go one step further and attempt to contact the hotel directly so that you can ask questions. I have also found this useful when needing to make special arrangements to a late flight or something of that nature.

9. Local Restaurant & Food Services

Be sure to ask whether meals like a complimentary breakfast are offered. You may also want to know if there is an on-site restaurant as well as any other restaurants in the general area. Find out whether there’s a kitchen suite available should you choose to dine in the comfort of your hotel room. Does the hotel offer room service?

10. Family Friendly

If you happen to be traveling with your family you want to make sure to consider whether the hotel is family-friendly. Just because the hotel is trending for backpackers and business travelers, does not necessarily mean it’s the best place for a family vacation. The hotel service providers should be friendly, helpful and always willing to provide you with a pleasant and comfortable experience during your stay.

Some questions to ask might be:

  • Are there activities for children?
  • Is there a lifeguard on duty at the pool?

These are very important questions when taking your whole family on a trip to ensure your kids have enjoyed their time out as well. Room size is another essential factor, whereas smaller rooms are not always suitable for children.

Some hotels in Manila offer comfortable family rooms or suites, where your children can be accommodated in a single or sofa bed. Another option might you may want to consider is renting a condo that would provide the amenities of a hotel along with the comforts of home. Check out our post on Renting a Condo in the Philippines to know more.

11. Pet friendly

If you are considering bringing a pet on your trip then you need to inquire with the hotel to be sure they are pet friendly. Many hotels in the Philippines, especially in Manila, have started to cater to customers with pets.

12. Uniqueness vs Reliability

The decision is yours whether you want to go with a small and locally owned hotel which offers unique services or hotel chain that has a reliable reputation. Each of these has its pros and cons, and it’s up to you to will determine which one is appropriate for you. Hotels that are part of a brand are usually a safe bet in comparison to a standalone class of hotels. The truth is, you will not find many brands you are familiar with in Manila, so they all may seem to be in the “Unique” class. Which is why doing some up-front research is so important.

13. Accessibility, Security, and Safety

These are the other things to Consider When Looking for a Hotel in Manila. The hotel you should be considering should be accessible from train stations and airports for conveniences, some of the hotels in Manila provide free airport shuttles hence is a big advantage also transportation by use of public means is easy and affordable. As well as pick a hotel located in secured and safe places if approaching in odd hours.
You can get a picture of the general area by searching for it on google maps and doing a street view.

14. Other Services

If you are planning to rent a car, then you have to check on the parking situation of the hotel. Parking is a major challenge in the Philippines due to the limited space. Some hotels in Manila offer parking while may want you to park on the street. Find out whether parking is provided on-site or and any fees associated with parking services. Parking service costs can add up if you are on an extended stay in the Philippines, so be sure you take this into consideration if renting a car.

In summary, these are the things to consider when looking for a hotel in Manila, Philippines. Doing some good research before you decide to book a specific hotel, will greatly improve the odds that you will have an enjoyable experience. Something else to consider is using a travel advisor. See our post on What Is A Travel Advisor where it explains the benefits of using a travel advisor.

We hope this information will help you make the right choice when you are looking for a hotel in Manila. Please share your hotel experiences in Manila, we would love to hear them.

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